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etienne Cheveu

You can be guitar player in rock’n’roll garage band and be a huge fan of raw funky music. The evidence with this selection of Etienne, one of the three members of Cheveu, a band on Born Bad Records.


Betty Harris
Mean Man


«Fantastic song by one of the 2 New Orleans queens (Irma Thomas is the other one !). Allen Toussaint unique piano line groove makes this tune a New Orleans soul funk anthem!»

Harvey Scales & the Sounds
Love It is


«I call this kind of tunes “In the Red funk”. Very intense, beautiful distortion, you can even feel a punk vibe while Soul is also in the air, and this unique blend gives the track a tragic dimension.»

Moussa Doumbia

Moussa Doumbia - Keleya

«Moussa Doumbia, musician from 70’s Mali, did this crazy song in Abidjan. Could have been one of James Brown’s best tune!»

Beau Dollar
I’m Ready, I’m Ready

Beau-Dollar_Im Ready-Im Ready

«A James Brown production on King Records. Amazing minimal use of the drums ; no snare, no kick, just a floor tom and a killer rock garage sound. A kind of raw funk version of the Velvet Underground.»

Melba Moore
The Magic Touch


«A Northern Soul classic… Incredible arrangements and such a deep soul voice for a lady who astonishingly carreered as a disco star. As we say in French, “C’est la vie”

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