It is one of the trademarks during late 60’s and 70’s : the Afro haircut was worn as the assertion of an identity, the symbol of the strong link with Africa. The famous slogan: Black Is Beautiful. A century later, this assertion remains very present on LP artworks. For political reasons, for aesthetic views, for trendy questions also… Back to certain pics which had participated in the history of the music.


A possible soundtrack…
We People Who Are Darker Than Blue by Curtis Mayfield



tonyfox          bobbi humphrey satin doll (1)    the_notorious_big-ready_to_die-frontal          tomorrowspeople          erykahbadu          sunnymurrayesp          nico-gomez-selftitled-afro-cover-gecomp          Roger-Human-Body          robertaflack          jophnpatton          wilsonpickett          prince          rettayoung          michaeljackson          orchestredybawobab          ornettecolemanlovecall          ohioplayers          loudonaldson          moussadoumbia          newloveltd          lafayettesoulmakossa       moodymann    marlenashaw    lou-johnson-sweet-southern-soul-front    lafayettemalik    ben michael jackson    jankoniloviocsoul    jimmyscott    gloriabarnes    freddieroach    gloria-scott    chicomagneticband    free-angela-cover    gill_scott_heron_pieces_of_a_man    funkadelic-maggotbrain    carolwoods    east-of-underground    earlmoseley    babyhuey    bettypadgett   carriecleveland    dd bridgewater aftro blue    angela davis soul soledad    bodyandsoul    alexbrown    algreen    kamazi washington


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