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«As a DJ, I play mostly 45s. So I had this strange and nerd idea a long time ago that I materialized only recently. If the last track of an LP is a banger and doesn’t exist on 45, why not transform the LP into a 45? So I took my saw and I litterally cut some records to transform them into 45s, mini 33rpm seven inches! Those 5 homemade records are examples amongst others. Last track changed it all!» When Pierre Perrou Perides a/k/a Dj Peeer cuts the records, he really cuts them. Check his selection of LP’s changed into 7”.


Akiko Wada
Crying Baby


 «I found this LP by this famous japanese singer years ago in Japan, the closing track is a great japanese r&b dancer but it don’t exist in 7”, so i found another copy and i cut it to transform it into a 7”, and I got a one copy only original 7”’!»

Grupa ABC
Za Dużo Chcesz


 «At home my records are classified by country (and after that by genre), I once met a guy that classified them by colours but that’s another story, so I have of course a polish section. And I could add in it another 7”, a one that don’t exist, the last track of the first side of this beautiful Grupa ABC LP I found in Krakow in 2005. Note that I made the 7″ from the second press (Polskie Nagrania Muza, not Pronit).»

The Blackbyrds
Blackbyrds’ Theme


 «A huge classic break that strangely doesn’t exist in 7”, (covered as a 7” by the rare “Black Exotics” ). Go directly to 2:14, fly high and be a Blackbyrd!»

Luis Santi
Los Feligreses


 «Monster closing track of the Moustache LP by this cuban pianist and band leader exiled in Miami. When a LP becomes a 7” and the dancefloor a church. Amen!»

Willie Bobo


 «One of the many covers of this song but the grooviest I know! New York latin jazz at its finest.»

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Mercury USA 1977

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