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We are extremely proud to welcome DJ Nomad one of the very early trendsetters of the Tropical movement and one of the most daring and innovative DJs around with a musical taste and quest that bars any boundaries or formats. Here’s a selection of randomly picked tunes from his super packed shelves at his Berlin headquarters.

“5 randomly picked records , from my record collection”:


Silvestre Mendez Y Su Orquestra – ORIZA



This is an easy one.
Everyone that digs Latin music , has held this Lp in his hands at least once.
It’s one of those Aabums that you randomly find in any kind of ‘worldmusic’ section, in a lot of shops all over the world.
It’s a widely overlooked record by the anal diggers, because it has no collectors value.
For me , and some valued colleagues (hello, Cami Layé Okun ), this record is nothing short of a true testament of the raw, pre-revolutionary recordings of the spiritual roots of afro-cuban music.
It got released on Seeco in the pre-Egrem era, when Cuban musicians still had access to proper recording studios, mastering studios and pressing plants, before the production quality (not the music!!!) turned sour after the revolution.
Priceless are the liner notes on the back of the album , that describe ‘Latin’ music and its percussion instruments to an american audience in a 50’s/60’s infotainment style.

Silvestre Mendez beautiful music + deep voice has never left my box… this is indeed one of the records i been playing out and listening to the longest – and an “easy-to-get” essential classic album. Must have.
featured track : “BABA”


Various Artists – “OBA OBA” – com a participaçao de Sargentelli

Oba Oba


One of my favourite Samba compilation finds of recent years, is this obscure TV -Show compilation , presented by Oswaldo Sargentelli.
Sargentelli had a show on Brazilian TV , where he presented Brazilian music, mostly Samba – and also crooned over some of the tracks with his unique sonore low voice.
This LP is loaded with good tracks. It not only features ‘ ‘Pega do Piláo’ from one of my faves – Wilson de Assis – but also the beautiful ballad  ‘Quanta Tristeza’ from Arlindo Borges.
The absolute Highlight of the Album are the 2 exclusive tracks from Nelson Cebola – ‘Trem dos Partideiros’ and ‘Samba da Raça’ .
His singing reminds me of Brazilian Lo-Fi legends like Genival Lacerda or Jackson do Pandeiro : raw , emotional and full of empathy and wisdom.
After i found this Album in a Bueños Aires second hand shop , i tried to find all the records from Nelson Cebola. Unfortunately, the others don’t touch me the same way, as his two songs on this album.
Not necessarily music to play out, unless it’s the end of the night, but definitely music to warm your heart.

featured track : Nelson de Cebola – ‘Trem dos Partideiros’


Mike Alvear y su Dimension Caribe – same

Mike alvear


Absolutely stunning , well produced but widely overlooked funky Cumbia Lp, i found on a fleamarket in Argentina.
Mike Alvear y su Dimension Caribe as well as his Albums with La Sonora Barranquilla did somehow not make it into the olymp of Cumbia collectibles and did not get picked up by a lot of  Colombian soundsystems or Tropical Dj’s.
One reason might have been that Mike Alvear (or Albear) did not work or release records in Colombia , but at the ‘bad neighbors north of the border’ in Mexico.
This Album got released on  the Mexican label ECO records, and most of his other releases were on Mexican imprints , too.
A shame this Album didn’t get more shine , since it has some really banging funky cumbia on it.
‘Grito Cumbiambero’ and ‘Cumbia Para Bailar’ are among the strongest, but the entire LP is great to listen to.
According to the songwriting credits , Mike Alvear’s version of ‘cumbia para bailar’ is supposed to be the original of this classic, that got covered many times by other bands.

featured track : ‘cumbia para bailar’
Theophilo – ‘Song’

Theophilo Song


Theophile Fene from the Martiniquen group ‘Bwa Can’ Non’ , is one of the unsung heroes of French Antillais music.
Being already a veteran around the late seventies, he missed out the great heyday of Zouk and Cadance music, when some lucky guys were finally making some money, or at least got some recognition for their work.
The first Bwa Can’Non Albums – especially the track ‘L’Evolution’ , is among one of my most treasured Biguine/Compas Albums.
Theopile’s particular way of composing Piano, Trompette and Violon and melting it with doubled vocals is unique and beautiful.
This Solo Album from him , is widely unknown, due to being released on private press, and overshadowed by a really shitty, more common solo album ‘ Fénéito’ , where he tries to play zouk on a bad sounding Keyboard.
On this Album , however – Theophile finds back to his best form , and delivers some absolutely modern sounding Biguine Compas in a band setting .
‘Missie Joseph ‘ , ‘ ‘Courage Garçon’ and ‘Constatacion’ are all great songs, that make you wonder what could have become out of this guy if he would have had 30 more years in recording music.

featured track : ‘Courage Gaçon’


El Nuevo combo – 1978

El Nuevo combo


One of the Lp’s i picked up, digging at SUPERFLY store about a year ago + played right after at the ‘Tropical Discoteq’ Fête de la musique’ party.
Anyone that has heard me DJ the last months, has probably heard this track. The band marks this track as a ’soukouss’ , where it really has not any resemblance. It’s just a very raw and beautiful unique thing between jazzy beguine and afro caribean folklore. The clave really ties this track together. Respect to the guy that held that rhythm for over 4 minutes. El Nuevo Combo is a Parisian mixed Kréyol band from the mid/late 70’s , that played different styles of Latin and Antillais music. On pretty much every single Album from them , is at least one great track.The 7” however are rather weak. Their Guitarist Max Labor also recorded a fantastic Biguine Fusion Lp in the mid 80’s that is worth checking out.
This LP is one of their most underrated, probably due to the raw recording quality. For me a charming example of fusing different caribean styles – a perfect tropical discoteq dancefloor tune.

featured track : ‘ vie zéb`

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  1. Siobhan says:

    From cool Canada where the snow has already come to blanket us while the rest of the world heats us, Nomads choices of music are like a cool breeze in the shade of the days haze.
    Obrigada from A Canadian girl in Portugal.

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