[ITW] Frederick Lavik is the soul behind the Afro 7 label responsible behind some serious East African music archiving and some cracking releases on 45 and 12 inch, from deep Swahili Funk to Kenyan Boogie....


[SLIDESHOW] The Afro haircut was worn as the assertion of an identity, the symbol of link with Africa. For political reasons, for aesthetic views… Back to certain pics which had participated in music history.


[ITW LABEL] Cofounder with Martin Morales of Tiger’s Milk, Duncan Ballantyne goes back to the story, while they issue Andina, the first step in their new series, from the Amazon to the coast of Peru.


[ITW LABEL] Music-lover and DJ, Jan Hagenkötter, the mind behind the music publishing company and record label INFRACom!, he has just released a compilation, ‘Saigon Supersound’, between 1965 and 1975 in the South of Vietnam....


[ITW LABEL] DJ Amir is first and foremost an accurate record collector and music lover. That's why, on the occasion of the reissues of Strata pioneering spiritual jazz LP’s, we asked him to go back,...


[ITW] From Bossa Nova pioneers to Disco 2.0 newcomers, they have released in just over a year several releases drawn from the large spectrum of their tastes. It’s time for them to explain their choice…

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Filet of Soul do your own thing

Filet of Soul – Do your own thing
One of the nicest uptempo Funk party tracks ever.

Dynamic Sound USA 1969

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