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roda samba os-originais-do-samba-o-samba-c3a9-a-corda-os-originais-a-cacamba osvaldinho-cuica-vamos-sambar-lp-marcus-pereira-1974-estereo-10845-MLB20034803367_012014-F-498x500 pedrinho-rodrigues-e-os-nacionais-brasil-sambe-ou-se-mande-1973 R-150-3099726-1315740495

Stef_6946 Specialist of brazilian musics, he used to make dance Paris, and sometimes Rio, since more than a quarter of century. DJ Noite selected for us five eternal sambas.

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BalighHamdy DonCherry_ModernArtStockHolm1977 MalWaldron_CandyGirl Synchro_ElGason WalidGohlmieh

Digger'sdigest ‘Digger’s Digest’ is an online record store focusing on rare and very obscure records! Check his selection and you’ll see what we means!

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IronForce-A013 Muse-B016 SoulRevival-A TheBeast-B018 Wee-A021

RobSevier-Portrait When it comes to name the most impressive label of the last decade, the answer is often the same: Numero Records. We’re really proud to present Rob Sevier’s Top 5, enjoy!

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catherine ribeiro ame debout Colette_Magny_33_T_Repression ilhan mimaroglu tract jacquesthollot-giraffe2 michelmagne carillondans leaubouillante

Jean-Jacques Birge Founder of Disques GRRR, music composer, movie director, multimedia author, Jean-Jacques Birgé selects for us some good french dope from early 70's.

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connais-pas1 herbiehancockinventionsdimensions Marvin-vulnerable GM maurizio

gilbr-1 Gilbert Cohen, aka Gilb-R, is the boss of the Versatile label, founded in 1996 and mainly focused on electronic creative stuff.

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indiana highway Kenny Baker michael garrick quincicasm harold mcnair

jazzman rec The boss of Jazzman label 5 focus on UK private jazz LP and 7", killer stuff and pretty exclusive as some of those records are rarer than rare... Enjoy!

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Filet of Soul do your own thing

Filet of Soul – Do your own thing
One of the nicest uptempo Funk party tracks ever.

Dynamic Sound USA 1969

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