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The-Main-Ingredient_Instant-Love The-JBs_Use-Me Marva-Whitney_What-Do-I-Have-To-Do-Prove-My-Love-To-You Garfield-Fleming_Dont-Send-Me-Away Eddie-McLoyd_Once-You-Fall-In-Love

kkmelson French Soul activist K-Melson K-Melson has been in the game for longer than Dayton first hit the streets of the Parisien outskirts in the mid 80s. This selection is a good representation of this underground...

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King-Tubby_King-Tubby-The-Dub-Ruler Halim-El-Dabh-Wire-Recorder-Piece Billie-Holiday_Strange-Fruit Bezunesh-Beqele _Megnoten-Man-Yawuqal Asnaketch-Worqu _Mengedegnaw-Lebe

ethiopian records A weird selection by Ethiopian Records (or E.R. as you may know him), a truly boundary-pushing artist, somewhere between the Ethiopian melting-pot traditions and left field experimental electronic music.

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Rameau-et-Jacquy-Lobbe_Ambas-Bel Martha-Badibala-et-Wendo-Kolosoy_Martha-Ake-Kotoko-Mayi Dula-Georges-et-Kabasele-Joseph_Bolingo-Suka-Te Bowane-Henri_Achiko Ambia-Pascal_Na-Lobaki-Mpe-Na-Lembi

portrait ceints de bakelite «Digging in the history of sound recording», the baseline of the Ceints de bakélite blog sounds clear... As this selection, a focus on old congolese 78 rpm recording sessions. So deep and so rare.

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Arthur-Russell_First Thought-Best-Though Ojard_Plage-de-la-Concurrence Mose-Allison_Deed-I-Do DJ-Raph_Chant-Of-The-Umuhara Clarence-Carter_Looking-For-A-Fox

portrait photo © Philippe Levy Musician under the nickname of Readymade FC, arranger (David Sylvian, Feist, Daho etc.) and score composer, Jean-Philippe Verdin is also a deep wax lover. Hence this selection, with some tracks among...

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Houari-Benchenet_Malika Cheikha-Rahma_Majaouja-Ouala-Bakya Cheikha-Rabia_Karima-Ya-Naima Cheb-Khaled-&-Safy-Boutella_Kutche Cheb-Khaled_Hana-Hana

maz-selection-1 Without any doubt, 100% original Raï music is back for good with those guys! Feet on the «transfloor», head in the sky... Check their dope «roots» raï selection!

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Bar-Kays – You can’t run away
One of their nicest 80s songs with some hints of Milton Wright’s best melodies. Classic!

Mercury USA 1977

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