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The-Main-Ingredient_Instant-Love The-JBs_Use-Me Marva-Whitney_What-Do-I-Have-To-Do-Prove-My-Love-To-You Garfield-Fleming_Dont-Send-Me-Away Eddie-McLoyd_Once-You-Fall-In-Love

kkmelson French Soul activist K-Melson K-Melson has been in the game for longer than Dayton first hit the streets of the Parisien outskirts in the mid 80s. This selection is a good representation of this underground...

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King-Tubby_King-Tubby-The-Dub-Ruler Halim-El-Dabh-Wire-Recorder-Piece Billie-Holiday_Strange-Fruit Bezunesh-Beqele _Megnoten-Man-Yawuqal Asnaketch-Worqu _Mengedegnaw-Lebe

ethiopian records A weird selection by Ethiopian Records (or E.R. as you may know him), a truly boundary-pushing artist, somewhere between the Ethiopian melting-pot traditions and left field experimental electronic music.

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Rameau-et-Jacquy-Lobbe_Ambas-Bel Martha-Badibala-et-Wendo-Kolosoy_Martha-Ake-Kotoko-Mayi Dula-Georges-et-Kabasele-Joseph_Bolingo-Suka-Te Bowane-Henri_Achiko Ambia-Pascal_Na-Lobaki-Mpe-Na-Lembi

portrait ceints de bakelite «Digging in the history of sound recording», the baseline of the Ceints de bakélite blog sounds clear... As this selection, a focus on old congolese 78 rpm recording sessions. So deep and so rare.

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Arthur-Russell_First Thought-Best-Though Ojard_Plage-de-la-Concurrence Mose-Allison_Deed-I-Do DJ-Raph_Chant-Of-The-Umuhara Clarence-Carter_Looking-For-A-Fox

portrait photo © Philippe Levy Musician under the nickname of Readymade FC, arranger (David Sylvian, Feist, Daho etc.) and score composer, Jean-Philippe Verdin is also a deep wax lover. Hence this selection, with some tracks among...

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Houari-Benchenet_Malika Cheikha-Rahma_Majaouja-Ouala-Bakya Cheikha-Rabia_Karima-Ya-Naima Cheb-Khaled-&-Safy-Boutella_Kutche Cheb-Khaled_Hana-Hana

maz-selection-1 Without any doubt, 100% original Raï music is back for good with those guys! Feet on the «transfloor», head in the sky... Check their dope «roots» raï selection!

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Ikenga Super Stars Of Africa – Greedy man
Cult Afrobeat anthem that used to be the hottest record around in the early Afro Funk recording days. Never get tired of this one. With Emmanuel Baloka.

Decca France / Nigeria 1977

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