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Most of you probably do not know Yusuke Ogawa, a busy guy. However, he’s a figure of the rare groove scene since years, active both as hardcore record collector and deep funk and jazz dance DJ. He’s also the man behind the unfamous Tokyo record shop Universounds, a place you should check if you collect private pressings, funk 45’s and japanese jazz. Finally he now directs the reissue collection “Deep Jazz Reality”. Here’s his 5 favorite japanese jazz.

Akira Miyazawa
Brown Trout


“Tenor sax legend Akira Miyazawa led the Japanese hard bop scene from the 50s. The album “Bull Trout” was recorded in 1969 with Masahiko Sato on piano, Yasuo Arakawa on bass and Masahiko Togashi on drums. From LP “Bull Trout”, ‘Brown Trout’ is a dark, heavy and spiritual Japanese modal Jazz masterpiece.”
Tohiaki Yokota & The Beat Generation
Clair Déluge


“Toshiaki Yokota was one of the best flutists from the japanese jazz rock era. The album “Flute Adventure” is one of the most accomplished LPs in that genre. This track is part of the suite entitled ‘Le Soleil Etait Encore Chaud’ which was inspired by an Arthur Rimbaud’s poem. Jazz + rock + african music… What more do we need?”

Hiromasa Suzuki


“Hiromasa Suzuki recorded many albums as pianist, composer, arranger and producer. He made two “Rock Joint” LP in 1972-1973. This album “Rock Joint Biwa-Kumikyoku Furukotofumi” introduces the biwa, a traditional japanese instrument. This tradition meets jazz rock : ‘Ananiyashiewotomewo’ is a dope and psychedelic beat tune.”

Keitaro Miho & Jazz Eleven


“A monster groovy tune. Again, japanese traditional music meets jazz rock. Keitaro Miho led the japanese jazz scene as pianist, composer and arranger from the fifties. The album “” was recorded in 1971 with some of the finest musicians of that time such as Masahiko Sato, Minoru Muraoka, Ryo Kawasaki, Akira Ishikawa…”

Jiro Inagaki & Soul Media
Do It!


“Jiro Inagaki is one of the most important musicians of the japanese rare groove scene. He is a founding member of the jazz rock movement and recorded many classic albums in the seventies with his group Soul Media. “Wandering Birds” is the group’s rarest title. As far as I know, this is the most agressive and funkiest tune ever produced by a japanese jazz musician.”

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  1. Jules says:

    Beautiful blogology here Yusuke-these are just the kind of records I’m interested in. I’d love to visit your shop someday.

    From Kyoto

    1. jdenis says:

      You’re welcome!

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