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French Soul activist K-Melson K-Melson has been in the game for longer than Dayton or Starpoint first hit the streets of the Parisian outskirts in the mid 80s. This selection of his is a good representation of the formidable underground Funk and Boogie scene that burgeoned within France’s popular districts during the last 4 decades. The level of passion and culture that some of those collectors developed over time is – besides some big american centres – certainly unique.


Marva Whitney
What Do I Have To Do Prove My Love To You


 «Extraordinary double-sider produced by ‘THE GODFATHER OF SOUL’ James Brown. The track was co-written by Marva and JB and has become one of the most iconic female Funk tracks of history, due of course to Marva’s singular voice. The B side was written by JJ Barnes and Walter Whisenhunt (Gloria Ann Taylor’s husband). Original released in 1967 on Federal Records, this alternate version is a precious gem.»

Eddie McLoyd
Once You Fall In Love


 «Produced by Billy Nichols in 1975 on Dakar Records, both sides were later re-released on Spring with a remarkable extra female input : Millie Jackson. This addition to the choir makes this version of ‘once you fall in love’ a Sweet Soul pearl of another dimension. This is my pick of the selection.»

The Main Ingredient
Instant Love (Long Version)


 «Produced by the magnificent duet Gooding & Simmons this track was composed by Jacqueline Hilliard and Leon Ware. Orchestration is directed by Mr Gene Page. The whole thing is pure delight. This long version is only available on this rare promo 45 or on the even rarer acetate.»

Garfield Fleming
Don’t Send Me Away (Short Version)


 «Produced and written by David Morris Jr, this track has become a pure underground classic in the popular Parisian outskirts ever since it was first discovered in the early 80s. If you grew up there , you heard this for sure. It has been reissued a few times already but demand has kept growing since it was recently re-discovered by younger DJs and after a now cult video of Garfield singing his own song at the popular Momo des Puces record stall in Clignancourt.»

The JB’s
Use Me


 «A rare James Brown production that is unique to France ! This 45 has for long been a well-kept secret amongs hardcore French collectors and a regular spin at the famous Parisian night venue the Kiss Club. Childhood memories, thanks dad.»

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