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Jean-Jacques Birge

Founder of Disques GRRR, music composer, movie director, multimedia author, sound designer, writer, Jean-Jacques Birgé thinks about the music essentially in its relation with other artistic expressions. He selects for us some good french dope from early 70’s.”To be played in this order!


Michel Magne
Carillon dans l’eau bouillante

michelmagne carillondans leaubouillante

I was 7 in 1959 when I discovered Musique Tachiste by Michel Magne, an inventive composer for movies who asked Sempé to make funny drawings on the booklet. This LP might be the beginning of my vocation, a mix between sounds, electronics and orchestra evoking a story.


Catherine Ribeiro
Âme debout

catherine ribeiro ame debout

In 1971 Brigitte Fontaine, Colette Magny and Catherine Ribeiro were our mothers of invention. I’m also touched by this record because my old friend Claude Thiébaut plays the percuphone, an instrument created by Patrice Moullet. I’ve always played instruments nobody else would use!


Jacques Thollot


Jacques Thollot recently passed away. He was not only a great drummer, but also a very personal composer. I love the encyclopedic culture he brings in his work. In France jazz doesn’t mean a thing ‘cause it doesn’t have that swing, but anything alive, dealing with invention, improvisation and European traditions might be called jazz!


Colette Magny


One of my favorite tunes from 1971. Golden years for revolution, in all meanings. I was lucky enough to record and play with Colette 20 years later. She had a lot of humor and a way to be so natural on stage. Here Beb Guérin and Barre Phillips are on bass.


Ilhan Mimaroglu
Tract: A Composition Of Agitprop Music For Electromagnetic Tape Part II

ilhan mimaroglu tract

A long piece to end this Top 5 of my young debuts. Same year. It was partly composed and realized at the American Center of Paris, a place where we used to go without knowing what was going on. Jazzmen, rockers, poets used to perform there. Not only American. Un Drame Musical Instantané did its first gig there. Bakunin, Brecht, Marx, etc., feature in this perfect mirror of that times.

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  1. Giri says:

    very interesting, but please note that ‘disappeared’ does not have the same meaning (died) as in French, from the article we have just the impression that nobody knows where poor Jacques is…

    1. jdenis says:

      yep, sure, i modify that… But nope, everybody knows how was great Jacques ! Thanks for your support.

  2. jjb says:

    Thanks Giri for the correction!

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