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Musician under the nickname of Readymade FC, arranger (David Sylvian, Feist, Daho etc.) and score composer, Jean-Philippe Verdin is also a deep wax lover. Hence this selection, with some tracks among his favorites, but without Perrotin («great composer from the Middle Age»), BC Camplight («super heavy American penniless melodist, who lives in Manchester») and Robert Hood («one of my favorite from Detroit»).


Mose Allison
Deed I Do


«Killer swing track, performed by a great pretty much underrated pianist and singer. Mose Allison was more than cool: his playing was the archetype of post bop “nonchalance” and his singing an absolute teen detachment with perfect timing, delivered by a guy who looked more like your favourite bank teller than one of the most talented musicians of his generation.»

DJ Raph
Chant Of The Umuhara


«I got this record last month direct from the label owners: the Teichmann brothers from Berlin. It deals with Pan-African ethnographic field recordings re-constructed by an electronic musician from Nairobi. I have to say that I usually don’t like remixes or re-constructed traditional music – whatever it is – by “DJs” whose work consists in adding a kick on some pieces of music that doesn’t need anything to exist. But here is a total different topic: mix of modern electronic bass music, African chants and traditional rhythms freed from “world music” disastrous touch & cooked with deep understanding. Astonishing.»

Clarence Carter
Looking For A Fox


«This is serious rhythm’n’blues for those who forgot what the fuck this means. I also love the cover: beautiful pull over.»

Plage de la Concurrence


«Beautiful example of french minimalism without the usual 60’s Gainsbourg-esque nostalgia. Stunning LP featuring melancholic & cinematic instrumentals on obscure label. François de Roubaix meets Fred Frith meets Chuck Senrick meets High Lamas meets Cluster meets Debussy.»

Arthur Russell
First Thought Best Thought

Arthur-Russell_First Thought-Best-Though

«Astonishing improvised orchestral pieces recorded live.»

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One of their nicest 80s songs with some hints of Milton Wright’s best melodies. Classic!

Mercury USA 1977

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