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Hisham Mayet

Hisham Mayet, co-founder of the Sublime Frequencies label, is what we call a deep digger. A mind that you can test on this selection, with very broad panorama.


Albert Ayler
Truth is Marching


«What can you say about the holy ghost Albert Ayler? This is the sound of the universe crying and exploding into infinity. My favorite musician with his 1966 quintet (my favorite of all his groups) that toured Europe that year destroying the minds and ears of anyone who was lucky enough to hear them… The truth is certainly marching in!!!»

Alice Coltrane
Something About John Coltrane


«The high priestess of the cosmic truth at her peak. ‘Journey in Satchidananda’ is truly a pinnacle in a discography that is untouchable. With Cecil McBee on bass, Pharoah Sanders on Soprano saxophone, percussions, Rashid Ali, on drums, Tulsi on Tambura and Magid Shabazz on bells and tamborine. This is the definition of spiritual jazz. A high point in a genre that is a deep well of numerous classics and some of the finest music made by human beings

Terry Riley and Don Cherry


«Two masters in one room. The results are truly breathtaking. This is what they should have sent into space with the Voyager spacecraft instead of Beethoven. This is music beyond the realm of our pedestrian confines. This is the sound of harnessing the molecular poetry of the earth’s many invisible life’s frequencies. This is transcendental music that is the fuel for astral travel and oneness and nothingness. It is the very double helix of it all

Irène Schweizer Trio
Sun Love


«A landmark recording made in 1967 in Germany on MPS (part of a series of 3 LPs that featured this kind of Euro/Asia/N.Africa trist). Just read the following line-up of musicians. This is what “fusion” was supposed to mean in its truest sense. A sublime crossover of Euro avant-psych and jazz and Hindustani raga explorations that transcends genre and geography. These cats meld into an eight headed cobra that hypnotizes anyone that hears this music.»

Baligh Hamdi


«Baligh Hamdi, Egypt’s answer to Morricone? Gainsbourg/Vannier? Van Dyke Parks? Who knows? But Baligh Hamdi IS the most important Arabic composer of the 20th century! He wrote for Oum Kalthoum, Abdul Halim Hafez, Warda, and many other icons of the Arabic musical canon. Here is a single that shows him to plow through the crossover world of “Oriental Jazz”. A shuffling, jerk twist, beat driven dance floor banger from a genius composer that could do no wrong in his massive discography! A reissue of his material coming soon from yours truly!»

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