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Hillman Mondegreen with singer Wolfgang Valbrun

Ephemerals was one of soul’s best kept secrets when they appeared on the scene, and for their début recordings, the group came to play a kind of organic jam session at the shop. Less than two years later, the London-based band is here to stay. The best proof is their second album, ‘Chasin Ghosts’, just out and featuring their trademark sound. It has some elements of jazz, rock and hip hop underpinning the lyrical content which is always thoughtful, hard hitting and never afraid to address the dark topics; as well as the light whether that be (lost) love, depression, world politics or philosophy. For us, Hillman Mondegreen, writer and band leader, selects five pieces to remember how 2015 sounded.


Kamasi Washington
Malcom’s Theme


«Honest to its own name. Excellent inventions, innovations. Particularly love the choral moments.»

Beach House


«You feel like you already know the songs on first listen. That’s ok, like falling back in love with a partner from your past.»

Hiatus Kaiyote


«The best band on the planet right now. No band has collated the wealth of human contributions to music better than them.»

Gene Dudley Group
Dynamite in the Still of the Night (feat. Anne Frankenstein)


«The one-man-mission gathers a few friends. Positivity bottled.»

The Gaslamp Killer Experience


«The most needed update in the world of music: Doing DJ albums live in an interesting way..!»

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Linda Jones hypnotized

One of the nicest songs by one of our favorite Soul singers on one of our favorite labels. It doesn’t get much deeper than this. Linda Jones died too early,aged 27. Her two albums on Turbo were put out after she died.

Turbo USA 1972

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