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guillaume mennetier

Specialized in vintage keyboards such as Hohner Clavinet, Fender Rhodes, and most of all B3 Hammond organs, disciple of Lonnie Smith with whom he travels all around the world, Guillaume «Gee» Metenier is also a record producer who has founded Gee Recordings, mixing psychedelic soul jazz funk and early reggae. For us he selects and edits five gems from his huge collection.


Serge Gainsbourg
Ballade de Melody Nelson


«My older brother had this record when I was a child and I was fascinated… Well I am still ! I actually covered that tune some 20 years ago with my band Seven Dub (featuring J.L. Murat) and it’s still unreleased until now!»

Booker T. & The MG’S
Melting Pot – Part 2


«I learned to play organ using a cassette with tracks from The Meters on one side, and Booker T. & the MG’s on the other side. ‘Melting Pot’ was one of my very favorite “organ funk track” and I learned Booker T.’s organ solo note for note… A masterpiece as far as i’m concerned!»

Devon Russell
Darker Than Blue


«I had the good fortune to meet Earl “China” Smith in the 80’s. He sent me a few 7” from his High Times label at the time, including this gem, a cover of Curtis Mayfield by Devon Russell. I usually dig the b-sides the most, they are like hidden treasures to me. So here’s the version!»

Lonnie Smith
Move Your Hands – Part 1


«In the 90’s I bought a tape compilation at Ladbroke Grove flea market with that track on, I was walking by and heard it booming out of the seller’s ghetto blaster… I bought it right away, copped the 45 years later, and heard a lot more from Dr Smith since then.»

Brentford Disco Set
Choice of Music – Part 2


«Here’s another hidden treasure… It’s raw, it’s funky, soulful and the Pt. 2 mix is pretty dangerous. The rhythm section is killer and the keyboards parts by Jackie Mitoo are just beautiful and so inspired! This track pretty sums up everything I dig ! oh boy ! I love those B-sides…»

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