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guido vassiliu

Guido, the half of Acid Arab, is also a deep lover of french singers and a great selector. For us, he selects five Pierre Vassiliu songs that almost made it to his Born Bad compilation…


Je lui téléphone


«The classic french upset love song, so tragically beautiful and full of hope.»



«Another song from my favourite album (“another” because there’s already two on the compilation): a marvelous duet with keyboards wizard George Rodi

Mon amour mon amour


«French perky country, “deliberately a love song”. Vassiliu at his best.»



«In 1975, a song about solitude. Great bass line, unexpected finale, a surprising track.»



«A song from his last album from 2003, in which he portrays a crazy man singing to his mum in the street about his loved one, who not loves him back (who may actually not even know him).»

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Pathe France 1977

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