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The-Orchestra-Morning-Star _Sikitiko Saksiam-Petchchompu_Am-Ja Orchestre-Le-Nzoi_Declaration Herman-Wallace-&-His-All-Stars_Any-Man A.-Polyakov-Leningrad-Jazz-Ensemble_Nezhno

fredrik lavik

Meet Finland based Fredrik Lavik, a man of impeccable taste behind the exciting labels Afro 7 and Jazz Aggression. His top 5 is a terrific sample of a relentless thirst for musical discoveries.


The Orchestra Morning Star

The-Orchestra-Morning-Star _Sikitiko

«Caught on tape during 1973 somewhere on the Swahili coast by A.P. Chandarana (big labels boss in Kenya) and his mobile recording unit. Groovy build-up, with a great electric harmonium hook, lovely strings and hear the organ and drums go mental near the end… BONK BONK BONK!»

A. Polyakov Leningrad Jazz Ensemble


«This is obviously a group out of St. Petersburg… Several great influences in this number from 1975, great guitar soling, melody is folklore but built-up latin jazz style, notice the slight scat, and the raw flute in part-2. Completely sublime!»

Herman Wallace & His All Stars
Any Man


«Obscure muddy calypso number out of Trinidad, most likely early seventies. Love the raw happy go lucky flute and the muted trumpet, but listen to the bottom here with maracas and drums reminiscent of steam locomotive. Heavy!»

Saksiam Petchchompu
Am Ja


«Got this from my friend Maft Sai in Thailand, from 73-74 I always come back to this one, I play it out loud a lot, such a great R&B stepper, and when the accordion kicks in… Aahhh. What a punch!»

Orchestre Le Nzoi


«Released in Congo Orchestre Le Nzoi aka The Bees originated sometimes in the early seventies assembled by the famous vocalist Edo Gang, who’s been in bands like Les Bantous De La Capitale and T.P.O.K. Jazz. The Edition Populaire was a label owned by Franco, and this gem of a tune ‘Declaration’ was recorded on a mobile recording studio Franco used for all his sub-labels. Never discard a Congolese track after the first minute, it starts cooking mid-way. The Bees start to sting real hard here at 1:45! Departing from a call and response duet a killer guitar riff kicks in and meets the sax solo half-way. This track can be looped throughout the day and night, it has everything you need!»

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