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Secousse is a web radio as well as a soundsystem curated by Etienne DJ Tron, dedicated to worldwide local pop music, old and new. For us, he selects five obscure tracks from his collection related with kids!


Vanessa et La Voix du Père Noël
Qui sait Qui sait


«Kids music + french boogie + old french president Mitterrand impersonation = eargasm.»


Lil Yo
Amazing Murder


«Clearly, that kid has been watching too many horror movies. Or he lives in one. Or Both.»


The Wilcannia Mob
Down River


«The Wilcannia Mob or Barkandji Boys were a rap group of five Aboriginal kids from Wilcannia, Australia. Sampled by M.I.A on her ‘Kala’ album, but this one is the real deal.»


Francis Mbarga The Great
E Wa BA Mi Djo


«Don’t know much about this one. Picked up a mint copy at parisian shop Betino years ago, when he still had that dope ‘Afro Disco’ section in the shop and was selling amazing stuff for cheap. I know the Hot Casa boys have reissued another album from the kid and were supposed to reissue that album too.»


Gustavie Cham & Stevie Mahy
Depi ou Pati


«A cute mother and daughter duo to finish off this kiddy thingy. Nice video on youtube if you fancy.»

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