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King-Tubby_King-Tubby-The-Dub-Ruler Halim-El-Dabh-Wire-Recorder-Piece Billie-Holiday_Strange-Fruit Bezunesh-Beqele _Megnoten-Man-Yawuqal Asnaketch-Worqu _Mengedegnaw-Lebe

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Ethiopian Records aka Endeguena Mulu (or E.R. as you may know him) is a truly boundary-pushing artist, somewhere between the Ethiopian melting-pot traditions – as Azmaris music – and left field experimental electronic music (listen here). A weird mix as you can verify on his previous 12 inch releases (on Arcola, a subdivison of Warp). Here is his Top 5 of the moment: «It is hard to pick 100 songs let alone 5, but for this month i feel like these are the tracks that have kept coming back again and again in my ears.»


Bezunesh Bekele
Megnoten Man Yawuqal

Bezunesh-Beqele _Megnoten-Man-Yawuqal

«For me this is the most beautiful anti capitalistic, anti materialistic anthem every sang.»

Halim el Dab
Wire Piece Recorder


«A beautiful ambient piece from one of the very early recordings from one of the fathers of music concrete and experimental recorded music.»

Nina Simone
Strange Fruit


«A haunting retake of Billie Holiday’s song and Abel Meeropols’ poem moves me every time.»

King Tubby
King Tubby The Dub Ruler


«Dub is one of the genres i have and cannot put away, since my childhood, and this song has remained with me still.»

Asnaketch Worqu
Mengedegnaw Lebe

Asnaketch-Worqu _Mengedegnaw-Lebe


«This song is my favorite song of all time, if there was a top one list this song would be it, from the beautiful lyrics to the krar that accompanies the singing, to the singing itself, there is just no other song on earth that can compare.»

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