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Raised in Martinique, where he listened a lot to reggae, salsa, jazz and creole music, DJ Prez keeps since that time a pronounced taste for black music. He started deejaying in Paris during the 90’s with the Staycalm! collective, promoting Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Afro & Tropical Beats long time before it became trendy. He discovers Africa in 2004 during the shooting of “Fangafrika the voice of the voiceless” in Burkina Faso, the first multimedia documentary about the West-African rap phenomenon, produced by the Staycalm ! Crew. He specializes then in African hip-hop, conquered by the raw energy of this movement and collaborates during 5 years with the Ouaga Hip hop festival in Ouagadougou. He settles down in Gabon in 2009 where he works with numerous local artists, then pursues his trip to Senegal, where he lives since 2011, mixing and digging records (as you can listen here).


Fonseca Et Ses Anges Noirs
Gosata Muleta

Fonseca-&-ses Anges-Noirs_Gosata-Mulata

«Born in Saint-Louis of a Senegalese mother and a Cape Verdean father, Luis Vera Da Fonseca is one of those forgotten pioneers of Latin music in Africa. Perfectly at home in the Cuban repertoire, accompanied by his orchestra, les Anges Noirs, they play a raw afro-latin fusion style where we can hear West Indians influences… and what about this guitar that would no deny Marc Ribot and his Cubanos?»

Boy Ge Mendes
Evolução (1989)


«Coming from the popular district La Medina in Dakar, of Cape Verdean origin, Boy Ge Mendes did not has the fame he deserves, although he is a star in Cape Verde. Former guitarist and vocalist of the legendary band “Cabo Verde Show” (along with Manu Lima) he helped modernized the traditional sounds of this tiny creole islands and was the first to play a cross over of african, latin, west indian and brazilian influences. “Evolução” is a typical Coladera but this perfect LP contains a wide range of styles, including the original version of the hit “Rickeza E Valor” (Guinée / Guinée)

Positive Black Soul


«Legendary Senegalese hip-hop album, mentioned as one of the 100 most important rap album by O. Cachin. PBS, formed by Didier Awadi and Duggy-Tee, claimed through its conscious lyrics the emancipation of the African youth. This Afro optimists pioneers called for a revolution of the minds and promoted political activity and activism in a pure boom bap style, sampling traditional instruments like sabaar and ngoni. For me this LP symbolized the return of rap back at home, “been born in Africa, raised in America”.»

DJ Boulaone feat. Sadrak


«This 7″ banger is out of the Afrique 3D series by DJ/turntablist/producer/arranger Boulaone, featuring Cameroonian MC/poet Sadrak (also member of the band Negrissim’). Yoruba rhythms, digital beats, funny rhymes and poetry all melt with the clear cut skills of Boulaone for this anti-ego trip anthem titled “I ain’t pretty”. Check out the 4 others 7” from Afrique 3D and start a multidimensional travel through continents, time and space.»

Eddie Henderson
The Funk Surgeon


«I had to come back to my first love, jazz-funk, for the last track, taken from Eddie Henderson “Comin’ Through” LP with a funketeer’s-dream-come-true line up : Patrice Rushen, Paul Jackson, Lee Ritenour, Mtume, Al McKay (Earth Wind & Fire guitarist)… Typical Bay Area sound from the 70’s with mellow & groovy ballads and two dance floor killers. Need to say more

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