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Betnwaar is a DJ, producer and party organizer based in the Reunion Island that’s been crazy about old and new african / creole music for the last 2 decades. Together with Kwalud, he runs the Sauvage Sound System and Pangar, an upcoming electronic live project. The pair has a residency at the Kabardock, works closely with the Sakifo, and hosts the popular Nuit Sauvage parties on the Indian Ocean island. Recent performances have included MTN Nyege Nyege in Uganda, and Burkina Faso’s Africa Bass Culture. Here’s a selection of some of his current heaviest tunes.


Longino – Vida Mofino


Found this one in Lisbon. Later that day, I attended a Bitori show … Also crazy with funana, that I mix with Malagasy salegy. 160bpm rules… One day, I will go to Cabo Verde, also because I like to think this archipelago has a lot in common with my adoptive island : Reunion.


Beeghon’n – Pas Gain Soleil


B-side beauty. This piece of creole soul used to be the first or the last track of my seaside DJ sets for years. Green ray for all at sunset.


Lucky Aigbe Lebarty – Love Before Money


Naija groove walking in between styles… And that cheesy keyboard, ouch ! No doubt I grabbed this one from my mates at Superfly, maybe 10 years back or so…


Farah Juste – Pitit Mouin


Haitian soul, with that shaky twist I appreciate in music. I think the pianist was a little high during the session… Out of tune, fragile as love.


Lecuona – Tabou


The soundtrack of a western or a cop movie taking place somewhere in the Brazilian jungle. Ready made for the next Tarantino. The one-eyed hornbill is watching us…

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Bar-Kays – You can’t run away
One of their nicest 80s songs with some hints of Milton Wright’s best melodies. Classic!

Mercury USA 1977

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