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Super Diamono de Dakar

Gee Dy Dayaan
By Super Jamano de Dakar
70’s / Disques Griot
UFO from the emblematic senegalese group Super Diamono : supersonic voice from Omar Pene & music from the space! You take off?

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Save Me
By Nina Simone
1969 / PM
Recorded live in Europe 1969 but released 10 years later at small US label, storming version of Sam & Dave classic with Weldon Irvine on keys!

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Raising Hell
By Norman Jean & Ray J.
1974 / Hep-Me
Uplifting slice of Northern Soul from the ultra rare LP, coming soon on Superfly Records.

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Jive Samba
By Llans Thelwell And The Celestials
1960's / Soul-Dub Store Records
One of the best version of the Adderley classic. From the rare “Llans Plays It All” LP recently reissued by Dub Store Japan.

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Fat City Strut
By Mandrill
1973 / Polydor
Probably their best tune, ultimate rare groove classic, still sounds fresh fourty years later.

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Cashing In
By The Voices Of East Harlem
1973 / Just Sunshine Records
Gospel funk at his best, produced by Leroy Hutson, a perfect summer anthem!


Track of the Day


JAIMIE BRANCH – Birds of paradise
2019 / International Anthem

Trippy hypnotic abstract jazzy vibes but very contemporary at the same time, addictive tune taken from another great LP from the Chicago based label!

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