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Harry Roesli - Sekar jepun
Indonesian Prog madness, issued on vinyl for the first time through specialists La Munai records, breaks!

La Munai France / Indonesia 2020

Track of the Day

Muriel Grossman - Elevation
New Jazz as good as it gets by one of the hottest musicians around, amazing LP and a superb pressing!

Jazzman UK 2020

Track of the Day

Cecil McBee - Tulsa black
Funky Strata East classic from 1974 with Michael Carvin, Billy Hart and Jimmy Hopps. Intense and unique.

Strata East USA 1974

Track of the Day

Orchestre Baobab de Dakar - on verra ca
Senegalese Latin in typical fashion. One of their nicest tracks.

Discafrique France/Senegal 1979

Track of the Day

Coke Escovedo - make it sweet
Ultimate Soul anthem that just gets better and better.

Mercury USA 1975

Track of the Day

Jorge Ben - paz a arroz
Big Samba Rock classic that's always top of the list.

Phillips Brazil 1972


Track of the Day

Lisa Hill - I am on the real side

Lisa Hill – I am on the real side
Found this in a random box, new one to us, really nice Boogie 12 inch with great Dub also, check the bass!.

Cherry Hill USA 1982

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