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El Jardia
By Johnny Pate
1973 / ABC
One of the best Blaxploitation tune, killer eastern instrumental jazz funk with attitude... Enjoy!

Track of the Day

Erick Cosaque boideroze

By Erick Cosaque
1983 / Yola Production
Classic jazzy spiritual gwo ka tune by one of the masters of the genre, tune!

Track of the Day

Robert Cotter everything im living for

Everything I'm Living For
By Robert Cotter
1980 / Derby Italy
Classy modern soul stepper produced in Italy in 1980.

Track of the Day

En Medio Gary Saracho

Senor Baker
By Gary Saracho
1973 / Impulse!
Underrated, this session deserves nevertheless all the attention: somewhere between deep jazz and latin psych. Good trip.

Track of the Day

Les Gypsies de Petion ville Francine

By Les Gypsies de Petionville
Mid 1970s / IBO
Huge percussions and great guitars, a truly unique haitian track. Ready for the party?

Track of the Day

Theadora Ifudu hello there

Hello There
By Theadora Ifudu
1980 / Theagart Nigeria
Catchy nigerian boogie breakbeat hit from early 80's!


Track of the Day

High Hashion feelin lucky

HIGH FASHION – Feelin lucky
Truly legendary 80s LP, an all-time classic with amazing duet Alyson Williams and Melisa Morgan, killer track!

Capitol USA 1982

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