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Beautiful Black Women
By The Jihad
1960's / Jihad Productions
Awesome black poetry/spoken word tune by a young Leroi Jones, later known as Amiri Baraka. From the very rare “Black & Beautiful, Soul & Madness” LP at Jihad Records.

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Some People
By The Incredible Shrinking Man
2002 / Ape City
Quality folk funk tune by one of the numerous projects of the ubiquitous Shawn Lee! Great vibe all the way!

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jezebel jp lombard

By Jean-Pierre Lombard

1970's / Riviera
After Aznavour and Piaf, a fantastic "nouba" version of the Wayne Shanklin's classic. Sublime strings and space winds...

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In The Beginning
By Tumi Mogorosi
2014/Jazzman Records
Somewhere between Max Roach's vocal suites and Mary Lou Williams' “Black Christ of the Andes”, this young drummer from Jo'Burg invents a possible future for jazz. Polyphonic and multi-rhythmic.

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annette peacock x dreams

Real & Defined Androgens
By Annette Peacock
1978/Aura Records
One year before “The Perfect Release”, Annette Peacock published this incredible song. Experimental and pop, avant-garde and classic… Just perfect.

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High Life
By Ibliss
1972 / Spiegelei
After E.T. Mensah but before Brian Eno, this german band gave their own version of highlife. When krautrock sounds like psyche funk.


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Backyard Heavies expo 83

Backyard Heavies – Expo 83
Monster instrumental breakbeat Funk anthem, amazing production.

Scepter USA 1971

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