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Elaine Brown child in the world

Child In The World
By Elaine Brown
1973 / Black Forum
Drumbreak classic from 1973, killer politically-engaged deep soul tune arranged by Horace Tapscott.

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bronca buenos aires

By Jorge Lòpez Ruiz
1971 / Trova
Well-known since the Whatmusic reissue, this concept album speaks about what would happen in the years to come in troubled 1970s Argentina. Spoken word over post jazz atmosphere.

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Roi Nigo
By Eugene Mona
1977 / 3A Production
An anthem by one of the legends of the bélé tradition, from Martinique. Totally unique!

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By Ira Sullivan
1967 / Atlantic
The mood is modal this morning… Beautiful jazz tune at largely underrated album, a personal favorite!

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Eu vim da Bahia

Eu Vim Da Bahia
By Gal Costa
1965 / RCA Victor
I come from Bahia... Under her real name (Maria de Graça), the future brazilian star sings a Gilberto Gil's composition. Simply beautiful.

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ofege thelastorigin

Got A Love To Give
By Ofege
1974 / EMI Nigeria
This bunch of nigerian teenage hipsters mix fuzz guitars and funky rhythms with funny organ... A perfect example of afro psychedelism.


Track of the Day

Master Bob Akwaboa na mennim

Na Mennim
By Master Bob Akwaboa
Ghana dig Highlife ballad sent from heaven. From the nicest LP in the genre IMO.

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