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He's Coming
By 9th Creation
1977 / Prelude
Amazing modern soul/gospel floater from the rare promo only LP on Prelude.

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les rapaces

Moune Qui Fou
By Les Rapaces
1976 / Disques Debs
Watch out : this guaguanco from Guadeloupe is really soulful!

Track of the Day

Ben Sidran about love

About Love
By Ben Sidran
1971 / Capitol
Ultimate free soul classic from 1971, killer vocals with a lot of attitude!

Track of the Day


A College Composition
By Yambu
1979 / Chevere
Latin jazz masterpiece taken from one of the band's rarest LPs ‘Introducing Jesus Nolasco’. This track also exists on an even rarer 7”!

Track of the Day

keith hudson trust and believe

Trust And Believe
By Keith Hudson
1981 / Joint International
From the extraordinary “Playing it Cool” album as deep and soulful as it gets!

Track of the Day

Super Diamono de Dakar

Gee Dy Dayaan
By Super Jamano de Dakar
70’s / Disques Griot
UFO from the emblematic senegalese group Super Diamono : supersonic voice from Omar Pene & music from the space! You take off?


Track of the Day


By Mtume
1977/Third Street Records
Before producing first Madonna’s album and after contributing to great 70s Miles, Reggie Lucas had played in many great LPs, as this one. RIP.

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