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Abel Lima farmacia

By Abel Lima
70s / ERL
Super deep uptempo Coladera by one of the stars of 70s Cabo Verde, tune!

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Still Thinking Of You
By Steve Parks
1970’s / Reynolds
Rare piece of melancholic soul out at collectible Reynolds label. As deep as it gets!

Track of the Day


Mama Soul
By Harold Alexander
1971 / Flying Dutchman
Ultimate breakbeat soul jazz tune that sounds like nothing else… While the 7” version is very collectible, the full album is that good it became an essential for every rare groove record collector!

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Voz De Cabo Verde_Mais Que Nada

Mais Que Nada
Voz de Cabo Verde
1970’s / Self Production
Solid cover of Jorge Ben classic by this cult Cap Verde band, on 7".

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Mary Lou Williams - It Ain't Necesarily So

It Ain’t Necessarily So
By Mary Lou Williams
1964 / MPS
Classic spiritual jazz, deeper than deep, higher than high...

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bennyjohnsonvisionsof paradise

I Just Got To Know
By Benny Johnson
1973 / Today
Popular 2 step classic, essential tune that always puts us in good mood!


Track of the Day

Master Bob Akwaboa na mennim

Na Mennim
By Master Bob Akwaboa
Ghana dig Highlife ballad sent from heaven. From the nicest LP in the genre IMO.

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