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East Of The River Nile
By Soul Sugar
2014 / Gee Recordings
My old friend Guillaume Metenier, under his Soul Sugar alias, done a real great job covering Augustus Pablo’s classic. Wicked instrumental version with beautiful keys works out on a scarce self-produced 7”!

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paulinho da viola elton medeiros

By Paulinho da Viola & Elton Medeiros
1966 / Premier
Could be in the Top Ten of the best sambas ever recorded. Perfect voice, nice cavaquinho, lovely flute, sweet percussion… What else?

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Vas-y Voir
By Brussels Art Quintet
1968 / BAQ Belgium
In-demand deep modal jazz tune from Belgium featuring Babs Roberts! Comes from the very rare self-produced band only recording, and what an amazing artwork cover!

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The Look Of Love
By Slum Village
2006 / Scenario Records
There are numerous variations of this kind of anthem... But check this one, probably the best Jay Dee production. Fan Tas Tic!

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By Gangstarr
1990 / Chrysalis
Probably the best hip hop album ever if you’re into those kind of laidback jazzy grooves, we pay tribute to the late Guru and his unique flow! Back in the days…

Track of the Day

Zeca Baleiro - Pet Shop Mundo Cao httpdjmessias2.blo

Minha Tribo Sou Eu
By Zeca Baleiro
2002 / MZA
My tribe, it is me! Without any doubt, the “Candyman” from Sao Paulo invents a futuristic soundtrack: the samba spirit mixed with the house party. Never stop to dance.


Track of the Day


By Jazz Symphonics
Call it jazz dance, deep jazz or spiritual jazz, this is for sure our type of jazz at Superfly!

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