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All Or Nothing At All
By John Coltrane
Awesome take on a classic jazz theme, that’s how big is the magic of Trane!

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Water No Get Enemy (Part 2)
By D’Angelo, Femi Kuti & Macy Gray
Fantastic version of Fela Kuti’s anthem, check D’Angelo’s vocals! Best tune ever from the Red Hot project, fundraising tool for AIDS awareness efforts.

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Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love
By Odyssey
Irresistible free soul tune out of killer album from 1972... Just essential.

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Bana coracao dum poeta

Coracao dum Poeta
By Bana
Early 80s?/Monte Cara
One of our favorite "Cabo Verde" tunes, uplifting soulful Coladera with lovely lyrics!

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conjure jews grew

Jes' Grew
By Conjure
1984/American Clave
The great producer Kip Hanrahan combines a Great Black Music all stars to give his vision of the book by the poet Ishmael Reed... Mumbo Jumbo!

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Julie Quang

Tinh Ca Mua Thu
By Julie Quang
60’s/VietNam Label
Vintage 60’s jazz atmosphere by this cult artist from Vietnam... Kill Bill's original soundtrack ?


Track of the Day


Take Me I’m Yours
By Mary Clark
1980/La Shawn
Irresistible Patrick Adams female modern soul classic!

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