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Toukadime is a project initiated by two DJs, Krimau and Bachir, who since 2011 are struggling to support their collection of LP from the Maghreb, sharing on the web, on the radio or on the dance floor. Their goal is simple: to develop a heritage, (re)discover gems and satisfy the curious ears of the genre. The best proof is here… Check their selection! Rare.





«A 45 rpm by this singer from Oran whose lyrics are as good as the music. In this song Tazi tells the story of a man in exile who receives a letter from his father who is worried not to have news from his son who left to have a better life in France. Melancholy is carried out by these words and a music sad but danceable at the same time. This is another testimony of what it means to be in exile, a common theme in the Maghreb music of this era.»

Cheikh Arab Bouizgaren
Amfess Amfess

Cheikh Arab Bouizgaren


«Another song about exile with this classic by Cheikh Arab Bouizgaren, released on the Pacific label. Sung in Kabyle, this track helped put the 18th arrondissement of Paris (and especially, Pigalle) on the musical map of Algerian music. It is worth noting that this song has been covered many times, for example on the album “Origines Contrôlées” by Mouss and Hakim.»

Hedi Habbouba
Rim Zmani

Hedi Habbouba


«This song is typically the type of music that we can play at the Café Social in Belleville, where there is a strong Tunisian community. In this song the drums are mixed with the Mezoued, a small instrument that is similar to the bagpipe. The Mezoued is also a name given to this type of music which is an integral part of the Tunisian heritage. The aforementioned Hedi Habbouba is one of the leaders of this music.»

Dounit Tezri



«This group originally from the Souss area, south of Morocco is clearly in the same vein as Nass El Ghiwane and the likes of Jil Jilala, without being a simple copycat. During the mid-70’s, Izanzaren manage to throw some amazighism in all of their works. Their modernity with a commitment to traditional music and their strong political belief made them one of the leading bands of their times and their area. The hypnotic banjo introduction makes it the perfect track to open a DJ set.»

James Brown
King Heroin

James Brown- There It Is


«We always end our radio show with a track that opens to different genres, which is something we also do in all of our DJ sets. Our history as DJs makes our record collections very diverse, and not limited to the boundaries of Maghreb, so we like to share that with the audience. This track by James Brown is from the album “There It Is” and it is one of our favorite records. This proves that Mr Dynamite was not only able to compose dancefloor anthems, but also laid back productions such as King Heroin. The magic happens every time you hear it.»

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  1. Rablais says:

    Big respect Toukadime!!!
    Excellent top 5!!!

    1. jdenis says:

      merci… pour eux… pour nous… pour vous… pour tous en somme !

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