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temitope kogbe and odion lingstone

Temitope Kogbe is the soul behind the new Odion Livingstone record label in partnership with legendary producer Odion Iruoje. They are behind the recent reissue, “Friday Night” by Livy Ekemezie, a cult Nigerian Boogie record . The super rare Apples “Mind Twister” and Grotto “At Last” are coming next. Here is the sensational Top 5 by this dedicated keeper of the amazing and endless Nigerian phonographic archive.


The Apples
Deep Funk


«The Apples was a group of young guys, an Ivorian vocalist/lead guitarist, The Nnaji brothers on bass and 2nd guitar and Frank Ikpefuran who handled the drums. “Mind Twister” is a spacy melodious funky masterpiece produced by Mr Odion Iruoje in 1978. Out on Odion Livingstone on the 2nd of June.»

The Identicals
Akwa Kayi Ji Bia Nuwa


«This LP is taken from their Rock Exponent LP. This is the only known lp by the group produced by the legendary Mr Odion Iruoje in the mid-70s. A classic afro-rock masterpiece that defies comparison. Very rare.»

Ozobby Horn
Do the shake in music


«Very little is known about this group, except it is a holy grail item. A rugged and bared production of hard funk titles rendered in a militant rugged afro style. I love it.»

Mother to the funk


«The young members of this group had played in Ofege, the landmark boy band that launched their psych-funk sound to the world with the seminal, Try and Love, in 1973. This LP was a step in a darker direction, heavy, with a nod to Parliament Funkadelic. Out on Odion Livingstone on the 2nd of June.»

Sunny Ojegbalani Ofili


«This gentleman from the South East of Nigeria, self produced a gem of an album immersed in a militant afro-cultural style. It’s very rare and highly sought after by many collectors. Deep afro.»

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  1. Guido says:

    Apples : Average funk ,played with dignity,Doesn’t blow my mind
    Identicals: I like it
    Ozobby horn: Don’t like the voice.
    Grotto : Wow …this is definitively it !!! Stand out.
    Sunny ojegbalani. Will play this ,again,again,again and again

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