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sylvain vanot

Singer and composer, Silvain Vanot is before all a music lover, and a deep digger. From strange folk to oblique pop, he is also looking for baroque music or brazilian songs, amongst all these experimentations he loves to share… As on his top 5, a perfect view of his diverse affinities.


Kazumasa Hashimoto
Main Theme B


«21 st century digging. CD digging that is. Took me ages to get a copy of this one. Only available in Japan on CD format: that’s the Kiyoshi Kurosawa “Tokyo Sonata” movie soundtrack by Kazumasa Hashimoto. Apart from two Debussy Tracks this is 90% mellotron. I happen to score, myself, and to me this work is an example. I keep on going back to it.»


David McNeil
Au Temps Où Les Abbés


«McNeil is a word break location master. A must listen, like everything coming from the Saravah label (thank you so much Mr Barouh). He’s so fond of french language and in such a clever way! And it always sounds so easy… Also one of my favorite writers.»


Luc Ferrari/Elisabeth Chojnacka
Musique socialiste ? ou programme commun pour clavecin et bande


«‘Strathoven, The Presque rien’ series, experimentations with feedbacks, his 60’s TV programs about famous composers… I like everything about Luc Ferrari: his humour and his sensuality are so refreshing in the ‘musique concrète’ context. This is no exception. This mix slightly differs from the CD version, the harpsichord sounds more natural. After being wiped out by the French Revolution, this instrument made a come-back in musique contemporaine, baroque pop and third stream jazz, between the late 50’s and the early 7O’s. It was about time!»


Michael Rother


«Michael Rother on guitar, the late and perfect Jaki Liebezeit on drums and Conny Plank behind the console! It’s 6 a.m., early june and I’m driving on an empty autobahn: evenness and micro changes.»


Gutemberg Guarabyra


«One of the most awful record covers ever. A Brazilian minstrel show : two french white girls pretending to be black… Otherwise this french MPB sampler is a clear round. Based on Rio and San Paolo MPB festivals (Caetano, Gil, Nara…) it does include less known masterpieces including this one. Gutemberg was not as famous as his peers. He went on to form Sá e Guarabyra and eventually became a TV professional and a novelist but ‘Margarida’ offers a perfect mix of Nordeste roughness and carioca smoothness.»

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