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For twenty years, this french guitarist and singer chose to not choose: he can play rural blues and noisy rock, arty tango and mainstream pop, he can even visit the spirit of Sun Ra. An aesthet eclecticism whose the best proof is this selection, outside any chapels.


Milton Nascimento



«First you got this minimalist guitar intro who hide a wonderful orchestral development and above all this, the young but ever mystical voice of Milton with his so elusive phrasing.»

Franz Schubert
Der Konig



«Composed in 1815, this lieder is adapted by an unusual chamber orchestra and an incredible cabaret berliner style performer who take us deeply into the haunted Goethe poem, see the amazing voice dynamics from the murmured piano section at the beginning to the forte at the end.»

Fela Kuti
Water No Get Enemy



«Of course we know the beat, rhythm and brass sections, backing vocals, voice and involvement of the legendary black leader. This tune, a real beautiful melodic song, is unique in his genre. The emotion is doubled.»

John Lee Hooker
Stomp Boogie



«Pure barbed transe from 1948, the proof he’s the real techno music inventor, remember his “Motor City Is Burning” lyrics. Ace.»

Dead Kennedy’s
Ill In My Head

Dead-Kennedys _Fresh Fruit For Rotten Vegetables


«The sound is really punk (it’s from 1980!), but this modern high level music score is worthy of Kurt Weill for me. Thanks them for their desobedience…»

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