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TG-Gondard_Avontuur Patricia_Josephine Noir-Boy-George_Les Masques-a-Gaz Baye_Tinariwen Ata-Kak_Bome-Nnwom

puzupuzu03 DJ Pupupuzu produces a totally hybrid music, 100 % made in DIY moods on old synths and cassettes. A feeling perfectly resumed on this home-made selection of awesome tapes from everywhere.

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vanessaquisait thewilcanniamobDownRiver lilyoyoungstasonacomeup gustaviecham francismbarga

photo portrait Secousse is a web radio as well as a soundsystem curated by Etienne DJ Tron, dedicated to worldwide local pop music, old and new. For us, he selects five obscure tracks from his collection related...

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Teta Lando lula cortes e zé ramalho José Afonso - Cantigas do Maio chalo correia bitori

carlos Carlos Seixas is the artistic and production director of FMM Sines Festival, since 1999. FMM Sines is especially tuned to the contemporary world, the movements of migrations, the culture-crossing and the transcontinental encounters. He is...

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Salon-Music_Hunting-On-Paris Saeko-Suzuki_Hello,-Shoo-Shoo Photek_The-Seven-Samurai Morton-Subotnick_The-Wild-Bull-Part-2 Egberto-Gismonti_Ciranda-de-Estrelas

OLIVIER LAM Before to be a music journalist, Olivier Lamm was a musician working in the realm of electronic music, and a digger with very eclectic tastes. This selection of five gems, from abstract jungle music to...

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ArthurRussell King Gizzard Tsege Mariam Gebru Pharoah-Sanders_Harvest-Tim dr-john-gris-gris

BongoJoeCyril1 keep on rockin’ in the free world   Founder of Moi J’Connais and Bongo Joe labels, very personal catalogs of past and present music from all over the globe, Cyril also opened three years ago...

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After Hours mambo jive

Mambo Jive
By After Hours
Private Rare Groove release from 1982, dope instrumental track that sounds pretty unique, fat!

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