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Pierre-Vassiliu_Seul Pierre-Vassiliu_Mon-amour-mon-amour Pierre-Vassiliu_Lunique Pierre-Vassiliu_Je-lui-telephone Pierre-Vassiliu_Dis-Lui

guido vassiliu Guido, the half of Acid Arab, is also a deep lover of french singers and a great selector. For us, he selects 5 Pierre Vassiliu songs that almost made it to his Born Bad compilation…

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The-Orchestra-Morning-Star _Sikitiko Saksiam-Petchchompu_Am-Ja Orchestre-Le-Nzoi_Declaration Herman-Wallace-&-His-All-Stars_Any-Man A.-Polyakov-Leningrad-Jazz-Ensemble_Nezhno

fredrik lavik Meet Finland based Fredrik Lavik, a man of impeccable taste behind the exciting labels Afro 7 and Jazz Aggression. His top 5 is a terrific sample of a relentless thirst for musical discoveries.    ...

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Tino Kontreras-La música infinita-Discos Latinos-LPDL2006 The Guantanamo boys-The finest in music-SMC-SMC1003-0107 Julio Gutierrez_PTESOFBC_LP_Front El Pavo Frank y su nuevo sonido-Pavo Frank y su orquesta-RcaVictor-LPV7715-0071 Don Cunningham Group-Something For Everyone-Luv N´Haight Records-LHLP038

Alejandra Fierro Eleta 2016 Gladys Palmera is a personality of the Ibero-American musical culture. Her online radio station is one of the best music platforms, and she is the owner of one of the largest Afro-Cuban music collection in...

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kathleen ferrier Sonny-Sharrock_Bialero Milton-Nascimento_Nuvem-Cigana Jimmy-Giuffre_Gotta-Dance Eduardo-Mateo_De-Nos-Otros-Do

portrait mocke 2 Although he has long been famous on the French pop scene, this guitarist is nonetheless open to the world of musics. Just listen to the albums he made under his name. What makes us open...

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Positive-Black-Soul_Djoko-(Unity) Fonseca-&-ses Anges-Noirs_Gosata-Mulata Eddie-Henderson_The-Funk-Surgeon Boy-Ge-Mendes_Evoluçao Boulaone-ft.-Sadrak_Chui-Pas-Bo

djprez©Guillaume Bassinet Raised in Martinique, DJ Prez keeps since that time a pronounced taste for black music. He started deejaying in Paris during the 90’s with the Staycalm! collective, promoting Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Afro & Tropical...

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Marie-Helen-et-ses-Creols_Sega-Le-Sport2 Tonito_ Kuikitukile Sadi-Lancreot_Dou-Se-Vou-Ki-Siwo Joe Valle - Castigala Bro-Valentino_Ah-Wo

PhotoBTPressKitHDcolor KonsöLe (Antoine Tichon) and Natty Hô (Dinh Nguyen) form La Basse Tropicale, a pair of DJs based on the island of Reunion who collect old sounds from the Indian Ocean and concoct mixcloud 100% old...

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Irresistible soca groover from Trinidad, reissued by Analog Africa Recently.

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