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disco3000 enlightment2-300x300 space probe conversion SuperSonicJazzSunRa they come back

joseph-portrait Journalist and musician under the pseudo Discipline, Joseph Ghosn has just written Palmiers et Pyramides (Ed. Le Mot et Le Reste), a biography of Sun Ra, one of his main heroes. In 2014, the pianist...

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Nathan milstein Bade Ghulam Ali Khan Marlene Dietrich nelson cavaquinho pygmees

vincent segal Cello player and composer, member of BumCello and special partner of malian kora player Ballake Sissoko, Vincent Segal is also a guest on many projects in genres ranging from soul jazz to deep folk, West...

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baobab ngewel de Dakar Ouza et ses ouzettes xalam Yoro Kery Goro

Self-Portait in Rufisque cropped The mastermind behind Teranga Beat, a fresh new member in the club of quality record labels with classic releases by Guelewar, Dexter Johnson or Mar Seck, Adamantios Kafetzis has spent many years searching for lost...

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Toshiaki_Yokota Keitaro_Miho Jiro_Inagaki Hiromasa_Suzuki Akira_Miyazawa

ogawa_2 Most of you probably do not know Yusuke Ogawa, a busy guy. However, he’s a figure of the rare groove scene since years, active both as hardcore record collector and deep funk and jazz dance...

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akofa akoussah meirelles supreme jubilees sonya spence pierre antoine

Dj Julien Lebrun Crate digger and music lover, DJ Julien Lebrun is the founder of record label, Hot Casa. His main focus: the golden coast of West Africa.   Meirelles E Os Copa Naima   “Cover of the...

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Hedi Habbouba ansamble brace fawzy al-aedy katepina noura

acid arab Half of Acid Arab, Guido (Minisky) was a cofounder of Goldrush, a DJ collective who were playing mainly in bar and small night clubs. They were at the beginning of Le Baron, and many others...

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JAIMIE BRANCH – Birds of paradise
2019 / International Anthem

Trippy hypnotic abstract jazzy vibes but very contemporary at the same time, addictive tune taken from another great LP from the Chicago based label!

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