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tumaini choir a.k.israel victor uwaifo ayalew mesfin jazz krontjong

hide001_b&w Hide is a tropical aficionado of the early hours and a prime supporter of the scene. His taste in this genre is impeccable as proved by his exquisite selection below

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malombo jazzmen herb metoyer gloria loring mike nyoni sotho chant

antoine rajon After 8 years of digging abstinence, Antoine Rajon, producer and manager, is back in the game. Here are his last discoveries from last weeks...

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Common - Come Close - Jay Dilla Rmx Di Melo - Kilario Les Mc Cann - Get That Soul Syl Johnson - Different Strokes Tony Allen - No Accommodation For Lagos

eric legnini A pianist and producer from Belgium, Eric Legnini is a real lover of soul jazz, more particularly trios which he has been collecting for a long time. His selection sums up perfectly his esthetic choices...

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bartz_gary__garybartz_101b Blues_and_the_Soulful_Truth More_Songs_About_Food_and_Revolutionary_Art Rotary+Connection.recto lorca

LIO Our friend from Marseille, the mighty DJ Oil, is not a newcomer. Like his new LP on BBE, a classy selection, all killers no fillers!

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roda samba os-originais-do-samba-o-samba-c3a9-a-corda-os-originais-a-cacamba osvaldinho-cuica-vamos-sambar-lp-marcus-pereira-1974-estereo-10845-MLB20034803367_012014-F-498x500 pedrinho-rodrigues-e-os-nacionais-brasil-sambe-ou-se-mande-1973 R-150-3099726-1315740495

Stef_6946 Specialist of brazilian musics, he used to make dance Paris, and sometimes Rio, since more than a quarter of century. DJ Noite selected for us five eternal sambas.

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My Dreams Are Clouded
By Henry Thomas And Rise
Irresistible boogie tune, should have been a hit!

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