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An early Superfly Records partner, Nico continues his deep digging work, focused on oriental, African or West Indian rarities. His latest work, Digital Zandoli, in partnership with Diggers Digest is out on Heavenly Sweetness. Here’s his very own 100% creole selection.


Edmond Mondesir
Beleya Pou Peyi La



«Beleya Pou Peyi La – A shout for joy for the country – Edmond Mondesir is a committed artist, cultural activist and a major actor of bele’s modernization. New projects are on the way … Stay tuned!»

Curet Alonso
Eres La Mulata



«The only solo album of this Puerto Rican composer. Masterpiece!»

Sergio, Peine Arrivé



«Fundamental artist in Martinique during 1970’s. Excellent pianist, very influenced by the Cuban music as you can hear on this album issued on Hit Parade. An incredible success with several classics including “Sergio Peine Arrivé”, covered by the Martinican percussionist Pierre-Michel Balthazar aka “Bago”. And what an artwork!»

Henri Guedon La Contesta
Rythmo Moderno



«La Contesta was Henri Guedon’s first group created with Paul Rosine, pianist and pillar of Malavoi. A very rich LP as most of his recordings. Henri Guedon was also an amazing painter, possibly behind this beautiful artwork.»

Solon Goncalves



«Wow, this one is a jewel! An incredible recording session, with a dry Fender sound, probably poorly repaired. For this recording the Brazilian trumpeter Solon Goncalves is to say the least very well backed : Henri Guedon, Alain Jean-Marie, Winston Berkeley on vocals and, according to Winston himself, the Martinican percussionist Jojo Grocravla.»

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  1. Cristina says:

    Hello, I have been looking for a long time records of Henri Guédon, have you “La Contesta” or “Zouk Experience Percussion” I also search “Christmas Creole”. Good day to you.

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