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A founding member of the Poets of Rhythm, the drummer (and half of Whitefield Brothers) is also a crate digger and a sound explorer. The drummer puts his science of beats behind many projects, from psych-funk to afro grooves, totally out of space… Like in his recent release, ‘Invisible Joy’ by Polyversal Souls, a trip to Ghana released on the Philophon record label. Here’s his selection, unique.


Eddie Bo
Hook And Sling Part II

eddie bo

«From time to time I dream that I play just one bar drums like James Black on this record.»

Traditional Drumming And Dances Of Ghana


«They promise drumming and dances on that record. I was not able to find the dancing. So this record made me to buy my first ticket to Ghana to get the dancing straight at the locations.»

Birmanie Musique d’Art


«This record I bought because I didn’t know what Birmanie was. Then when I first heard it I was sure Birmanie is another planet.»

Some awesome tapes from all-around


«Some bouncy rhythms extraordinaire from Afghan Gypsy, and Awad Ntouge Anzigue, a typical Riff-Berber group playing the ride-cymbal pattern with two metal sticks on a car brake carried on top of the players head.»

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