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«Here are 5 tracks that marked my life as a producer. These are not just my favorite songs, these are musical pieces that changed my destiny. They led me to create Palenque Records and to dedicate my life to music, as a label owner but also as a dj and filmmaker.»


Son Palenque
Palengue Palengue


«The band Son Palenque recorded this legendary track in the early 80’s for the label Felito Records. For me this is a kind of Grail in terms of musical production, from every point of view. Their label finally closed in the early 90’s, and I have taken over with the band until today.»

Abelardo Carbono


«Abelardo Carbono is another of my heroes when it comes to afrobeat influenced Colombian psychedelic afro beat. I admired him so much that when I finally met him in 2004, he then joined my label as an artist. We produced a new record together! This piece is the perfect soundtrack for a psychedelic action movie that I hope to soon be able to shoot, and it has inspired many things in my life.»

Sexteto Tabala


«The Sexteto Tabala was probably the first musical love of my life: I discovered one of their songs in a collection of anthropological recordings, in 1995 (though I don’t like the word “discover”, a bit too colonialist…)! I immediately fell in love with this band, which at the time was only playing at funerals, and I met them in their village, San Basilio de Palenque. We have recorded 4 albums since, and for me they figure what could be the perfect soundtrack of ‘Hundred Years Of Solitude’.»

Idowu Animashaun & His Lisabi International
Omo Lisabi


«I love Nigerian music, and especially juju, highlife, apala, fuji music…. And this band, that I admire, has released some extraordinary records. Their music is beyond words. Yoruba mystical trance!»

Dr. Sir Warrior & His Oriental Brothers International
Jide Nkegi


«Another one of my greatest heroes, Sir Warrior is the lead singer of the Oriental Brothers from Nigeria. While I also love a lot of traditional musicians from Nigeria, I have an obsession for Sir Warrior. I like the Igbo culture from which he’s from, and obviously its form of very powerful highlife. They have approached in their records something precious and raw. Igbo kwenu for real!»

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