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There is a whole new generation of African vinyl excavators coming and and here’s one of the most dynamic and sensational: the intrepid Ketu Records out of Marseille, France, specialized in rarities from Benin and Nigeria. Check out his Top 5 from deep Highlife to rare Nigie Funk.


Paulson Kalu
Poorman Life

Paulson Kalu


«A mighty highlife blues song of this igbo famous Nigerian artist!»

Gnonnas Pedro
Dadje Von Von Von

Gnonnas pedro


«A Gnonnas Pedro groovy version of this Benin popular song, recorded and press in Nigeria by TYC label in 1977.»

Jeff Tagoe
Go Back To Your Mother

jeff tagoe


«Deep funky afrobeat tune of this master who also played with VIs a Vis band.»

Big John 0aikhena
Agbon Nu Ghegbeji

big john oaikhena


«Obscure trumpeter composer of Nigeria, in a strong funk track, all nigerian flames in one song.»

Queen Oladunni
Igbekele Enia

queen oladumi


«Psyché juju from nigeria lp, of the only juju women i know. Enjoy…»

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