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«I started buying records at the age of eight, my brother was an DJ, music was the combustible of my house and still is, I celebrate that with my highschool friend Joao Duprat on our radio program A Point of View on Worldwide FM. I also became a musician, but this is another story…»


Arif Mardin
Dark Alleys


«It’s funny I bought this record somewhere and it took me years till I finally put it on the player, it became one of my favorite records, I love the blend there. ‘Dark Alleys’ is an good example, incredible drums by Steve Gadd.»


Os Incriveis
Estrada do Sol


«Estrada do Sol is a Jobim and Dolores Duran song, a Brazilian classic, but the original is a waltz, here Os Incriveis did a soulful rock 4/4 with Moog bass. It’s a highlight but there’s no bad track on this record, ‘Mingo, Nene e Risonho’, I highly recommend it.»


Tom Jobim
Aguas de Março


«This is the first recording of this song that divides Brazilian music in before and after “Aguas de Março”, it was made for a comedy anti dictatorship newspaper, it came out as a 7 inch, the other side is Joao Bosco. This version is much faster than the famous one, when we started A Point of View this was our opening track.»


Mitchell and Ruff
My Man’s Gone Now


«I love this duo. ‘My Man’s Gone Now’ shows well the duo, I love to have french horn on jazz and in this kind of small ensemble, it’s something that is really unique. I also love Jimmy Giuffre 3 with Paul Bley and Steve Swallow, it has this empty atmosphere.»




«Here I can use some japanese help, I started following the work of Koji Ueno, for me one of the greatest writers and arrangers in Japan. He made the music for Tarako advertisement (I love this song , you can check it here, and it made me look for his music and work, he only have incredible records. This one is Guernica’s third album, they started as a synth “pop” duo with a russian/german 1930’s feel, after two records mr Ueno composed and arranged this masterpiece,1989. It’s all orchestral, splendid, I don’t know the name of the track because there’s nothing romanized written here it mentions ‘Gyrotop’ somewhere but I’m not sure this is the name of the song… Friends from Japan help please!»

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