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Jerome Schmidt

Jérôme Schmidt is a Parisian publisher running Editions Inculte since more than a decade now, publishing philosophy, contemporary literature as well as essays. He has played, recorded and toured extensively with electronic French wizard Richard Pinhas from 1999 to 2012, as well as worked for radio pieces with writers such as Hubert Selby Jr, Norman Spinrad, Rick Moody or Maurice G. Dantec. While touring or shooting some TV documentaries, he spends most of his time digging his way through record stores abroad. For us, he selects five pieces from his collection.


Le Voyageur


«It’s Richard Pinhas’ first single I ever heard, back from 1972. It features Richard’s pre-Frippertronics guitar and French philosopher Gilles Deleuze, with his unique voice, reading/chanting some excerpt from Nietzsche. I was amazed by this use of voice inside music and it struck me afterwards for a long time. I contacted Richard many years after and we thus worked together with spoken words and live voice of writers during 10 years.»

The Majestics Arrows
If I Had A Little Love


«I’m not that much into soul music, but when I heard this rehearsal track from The Majestic Arrows, compiled recently on a Numero box, it reminded me of the best by Ella Jenkins or Nancy Dupree with the Rochester children. I think the rehearsal aspect of the tune sounds best for me, as I tend usually on disliking the Soul production, which is too clean, not raw enough for me

Mtume Umoja Ensemble


«I first discovered Mtume as a percusionnist for Miles in ‘Get Up With It’, my favorite LP from Davis. This Strata East issue is really Spiritual Jazz at its peak, a large ensemble with both political messages and incredible music. It delivers what all the best Strata East’s LPs should be.»

Alice Coltrane
Jai Rama Chandra


«I’ll never had a religious culture nor upbringing, but all the 70’s spiritual effort have always appealed to me (from Magma’s Kobaia to Coltrane’s mystic, as well as Black Power efforts, etc…). It took me years to get my hand on one of Krishna’s tapes by Alice Coltrane, from his SF ashram, but I found it on a flea market on Mission St. in SF. I love so much the whole tape I can listen to it for days. I can feel the same vibe while listening to some of Space Lady’s efforts

J.A. Seazer
Jihnishin Tori


«The first book I published in the late 90’s was an encyclopedia of Japanese Independent Music, a collective effort. I knew quite a lot about Japanese noise or improvised scene, but discovered this very unique mix of avant-progressive & theatre music from the late 70’s by J.A. Seazer, who worked with filmmaker Shuji Terayama. He has issued quite impressive albums from mid 70’s to mid 80’s, which I digged extensively during my frequent trips to Japan.»

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