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DJ Mitsu

DJ, beatmaker, producer, remixer, Japanese DJ Mitsu had created his own hip hop group GAGLE from Sendai City. He selects for us « five songs that I like that has a Rhodes being played ».


Blue Mitchell


«How the song develops and the sound quality of this track both I like a lot. Noteworthy is the Rhodes solo at the end. In a word, just amazing.»


Frank Cunimondo Trio


«The balance of the song is just amazing. A song that one can deeply appreciate the essence of the Rhodes.»


Ted Picou Quartet
Sleep Walker

Ted Picou Quartet - Sleep Walker

«Although how the song unfolds is long, you don’t get bored at all. The Rhodes solo midway through is wicked.»


Sonny Stitt
We’ve Only Just Begun



«There exists many covers of this song but this one is significantly of great quality. The part in the later half where the drum stops and it’s just the Rhodes is so great


Steve Kuhn
Time To Go



«If I was to select one song from an album full of great tunes, it would be this!»

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