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Founder of Moi J’Connais and Bongo Joe labels, very personal catalogs of past and present music from all over the globe, Cyril also opened three years ago the record store & cafe Bongo Joe in his hometown of Geneva, Switzerland ( In addition, he organises as well conferences, showcases and concerts at the store and in bigger venues in town. Finally, he toured as a musician for several years in Mama Rosin, band that mixed south Louisiana influences with blues, garage and tropical music.


Dr. John
Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya


«‘They call me Dr. John, the Night Tripper…’, first line of the first song of my all-time favorite album. Wild psychedelia craziness, deep and haunted voodoo sounds from 1967 New Orleans (the album was in fact recorded in Los Angeles with several native New Orleans musicians). All songs are killers, no fillers. I’m listening to this album since 15 years and it still sounds so fresh to my ears. Enough said. Enjoy!»


Pharoah Sanders
Harvest Time


«This is a song that has the power to stop time. I’ve experienced it several times as a record store owner or as a DJ. The power of ‘Harvest Time’ is unbelievable. I guess that it’s what i’m looking for when i dig for new music. For this something that will shake the deepest string inside your soul…»


Tsege Mariam Gebru
The Homeless Wanderer

Tsege Mariam Gebru

«The piano solos of this Ethiopian nun moves me a lot. The minimalistic approach of Eric Satie mixed with her Ethiopian traditional and sacred musical background. Sounds unique & universal, simple & complex, bluesy & enlightening.»


King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
The River

King Gizzard

«One of the best surprise of these last years as far as I’m concerned. Crazy and ultra creative wide open range psych garage band from Australia. What we listen to at the store is really diverse and this band represent the rock’n’roll side of our hearts. This song is one of the 10:10 minutes song that feature this album on which all 4 songs last the exact same time! The jazzy blue rondo mood is not representative of what they usually do but shows how far they can go with their 2 drummers and 3 guitarists


Arthur Russell
Our Last Night Together


«Famous American cellist, composer and singer whose work spanned a disparate range of styles, Russell found success in downtown New York’s avant-garde and disco scenes in the 1970’s and 1980’s, during which time he was associated with minimalism. He collaborated with a wide variety of artists, including composers Steve Reich and Philip Glass, poet Allen Ginsberg, musicians such as Peter Zummo or David Byrne. He died from AIDS in 1992, still in relative obscurity and has found wider recognition after his death. To us, he represents how classical instruments can merge with electronic music with genius.»


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