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Spaceways : Dublab

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Producer, Arranger, Poet, DJ, Musician, Journalist… Carlos Niño is a gifted artist we dig at Superfly Records! Just think of Build An Ark (to name only one of his numerous projects) and you get what we mean! His top 5 is at its image, original, eclectic, imaginative and great! Enjoy!


Carioca & Devas
Mistérios Da Amazônia (excerpt)



«This is the title track, and entire Side A, of the 1980 release by Mystic Healer Guitarist and Multi-Instrumentalist Carioca. Known as one of the greatest living guides in the Santo Daime tradition of Brazil, Carioca’s music is visionary, imaginative, experimental, cosmic, and folkloric all in one, especially on this record.»

Om Shanti



«Thanks to our friend Douglas McGowan of Yoga Records, the world has more incredible music by English brothers Mark and Clive Ives, known as Woo, to enjoy. In addition to reissuing their 1989 LP It’s Cozy Inside, he put together the wondrous collection of unreleased material When The Past Arrives that ‘Om Shanti’ is part of. This is my favorite of all of their recordings. I recommend checking out their Bandcamp page for lots more!»

Ralph Thomas



«Though I haven’t spoken to the record’s bassist Joey Ector about this piece in particular, it seems clear to me that it’s referencing Venice Beach, a place very near and dear to us both. Joey lives in Topanga Canyon and has roots in Venice… I wish they’d made a whole record like this short song and called it Pacific Standard Time!»

Doug Hammond
Apple Birdleg March



«Featuring Karen Joseph, this Idibib record from 1977 is my favorite of Maestro Hammond’s. It’s wonderfully diverse, rhythmic and soulful! I’m a huge fan of all of his music, including his recent CDs.»

Hosie Bee
Tipping Light



«Found this one at good ol’ Record Surplus in West Los Angeles. They had a sealed copy and this one that had been opened with a typed letter: Dear Mr. Ben Weisman… Sincerely your Friend Hosie B. Pitchford from 1980. He was pitching the music on Disco Shout for licensing and described it as Easy Listen Music. A very funky, Oakland cruise energy

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By Eugène Mona
70s/Hit Parade
Essential musician from Martinique. So conscious, so joyous. Simply marvelous.

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