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arnaud bazin

Arno Bazin, aka DJ La Poussière, is one of those long time record collectors that keep alive part of the historical musical history of certain countries, areas in the world. When it comes to Reunion Islands and around, he’s definitely the guy you have to get in touch with… Check his selection full of unusual records!


La Rosée Si Feuilles Songes


«Definitely one of the Reunion island anthem, a kind of fusion of local rhythms with more worldwide influences! Both jazzy and hypnotic, this is one of my favorite track from the area!»

Alain Peters
Romance Pour Un Zézère


«Alain Peters, poet and avant-garde musician, is THE artist that brought a new energy into Reunion island music, bringing it to another level. Inspired by the progressive jazz and rock sounds of the 70’s, this tune is one of his most achieved work!»

Cyril Labonne
Pop Soul Sega


«Time to move to Mauritius Island with a pop soul sega tune by Cyril Labonne! Great psychedelic track with heavy guitar work by this well-known artist who did more than twenty recordings on black wax!»

Luc Donat
Mozart Sega


«Luc Donat is the king of Sega! With his violin, he brought Sega out of the islands and became the worldwide ambassador of the style! His main works are compiled at a 3 CD out at Takamba label not so long ago!»

Crie La Vérité


«We’ll close that Top 5 with the band Ravan, composed by young Reunion island musicians at the end of the 80’s. With their unique groove and conscious lyrics they became one of the favorite band for local people!»

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Essential musician from Martinique. So conscious, so joyous. Simply marvelous.

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