Dig of the week

Vitor Assis Brasil: Desenhos
Back in the pre-Internet digging days, remember looking at this LP at one of my favorite digging spot for a few months before deciding to buy it! Years later, a famous UK dealer came home...

vitorassisbrasildesenhos front
vitorassisbrasildesenhos back

Dig of the week

Baris Manço: Yeni Bir Gün
One of the good things about Paris is that you can go to some old lady’s place, go through 200 crap French Pop LPs and find a Turkish psych record. Not that many places like...

Baris Manco bir selam sana_front
Baris Manco bir selam sana_back

Dig of the week

Street Kids: Last Night (You Moved Me)
A reasonably priced surprise in a famous Tokyo Hip Hop spot, this is South African stepper after stepper, a great LP in the genre and a new discovery to us. This track is our favorite.

Street Kids last night front
Street Kids last night back

Dig of the week

Jean-Pierre Massiera & Bernard Torelli: Turn Radio On
Some time ago we got this record from a small library lot we bought. First time we get this one and definitely of French guru producer Massiera’s best! Very good cosmic disco library LP with...

turnradioon front
turnradioon back

Dig of the week

Bootsy Collins: Fresh Outta 'P' University
Total out of the blue surprise on this killer 1997 german only double LP brought to us by old digging friend Fwed Kistaa, mixture of west coast hip hop and R&B, steppers works best, superb...

Bootsy Collins an gel lick front
Bootsy Collins an gel lick back

Dig of the week

Steady Wailin' : Spirit Of ’76 With Love!
Tokyo Rare Groove digging on top, where else? On this very seldom seen privately pressed Soul LP from 1975, one of the nicest finds from our recent trip.

Steady Wailin' Sid mechanic_front
Steady Wailin' Sid mechanic_back

Track of the Day


Je voudrais danser avec toi
By Les Bois Sirop
2017/Born Bad Records/Digger’s Digest
Two years ago, it was a dig of the week. For this summer, this splendid latin boogaloo (70s/Hit Parade) could be a good soundtrack for dance lovers.

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