Dig of the week

Prince Dgib's - ogninwe
Hardcore Benin Funk rarity presumably backed by Poly Rythmo. Benin connection still going strong 2020! Discophone Ivory Coast 70s

Prince Dgib's ogninwe front
Prince Dgib's ogninwe bck

Dig of the week

Sounds Of Albert - love pillow
Perfect slice of cosmic Disco Soul. A rare private pressing found by a Parisian collector in a local flea market in the 80s and finally sold Superfly. Doesn’t show up too often. BM Records USA...

Sounds Of Alfred - love pillow
Sounds Of Alfred - love pillow back

Dig of the week

Hiroyoshi Yanagida - end
Another highlight of our last Japan trip found at a very good price in beautiful Kyoto. We are always curious about Yanagida’s works and had been looking after this one for a little while. No...

Hiroyoshi Yanagida - end front
Hiroyoshi Yanagida - end back

Dig of the week

Love Live Life + One ‎– The question mark (edit)
One of the best finds from our last Japan trip, all you can expect here from a Japanese record : a fine looking sleeve that looks just intriguing enough, titles that beg to be heard...

Love Live Life + One ‎– The question mark 1
Love Live Life + One ‎– The question mark 4

Dig of the week

MAL WALDRON - Candy Girl
  Mal Waldron – Home Again Shortly before his death, we were lucky enough to visit the mighty Pierre Jaubert (producer of Lafayette Afro Rock Band, the complete free jazz series on America or Chantal...


Dig of the week

THE KENNY CLARKE ORCHESTRA - Caravan (part 1 & 2)
1960 / Metropole / France Best find from a small Paris record fair a few days ago, this French only picture sleeve jazz EP featuring Andy & The Bey Sisters on vocals features one of...


Track of the Day

Lisa Hill - I am on the real side

Lisa Hill – I am on the real side
Found this in a random box, new one to us, really nice Boogie 12 inch with great Dub also, check the bass!.

Cherry Hill USA 1982

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