Dig of the week

The Workshop: Kingsley’s Tune
Splendid modal beauty at this rare hybrid LP (1972) from Jeff Resnick and friends mixing jazz and folk influences! Only our second copy ever (thanks to a friend and customer) of true rarity out at...

The-Workshop_Kingseys-Tune front
The-Workshop_Kingseys-Tune back

Dig of the week

The Wynn Sisters : Every Day Is A New Day
Was trading some classic US soul LP last week with an old collector and got this gospel modern soul banger together in the trade! Played it a bit later and just could not believe this...

The-Wynn-Sisters_Joy front
The-Wynn-Sisters_Joy back

Dig of the week

Bill Loko: Dipita
Cameroon collection part 2: the Disco bomb by Bill Loko is an instant winner up there with the best Eko tracks. Surprisingly hard to find album featuring Claude Vamur on drums.

Bill Loko ndolo
Bill Loko ndolo2

Dig of the week

Dee Nasty: Paname City Rappin'
Here’s one we thought we would never find. Until recently we didn’t even know it existed. French Hip Hop legend Dee Nasty delivering the goods on this incredible Boogie Rap UFO (“Metro Scratch”) from 1983...

Dee Nasty metro scratch_dront
Dee Nasty metro scratch_back

Dig of the week

Los Camaroes: Efial Meyong
When you travel 200 kms and just the one record is worth every single kilometer of the journey. This is part if a small Cameroon collection that was about to be thrown away and was...

Los Camaroes efial meyong front
Los Camaroes efial meyong back

Dig of the week

Placebo: Dag Madam Merci
One of the good things of summer break is a lot of usual local diggers are out of town! Then, with a bit of luck, you can cross a stunning copy of the third Placebo...


Track of the Day


Black Flowers
By Vladimir Cosma
Much sampled Hip-Hoppy tune at one of the best French library label ever!

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