[ITW] Our friend Julien from Digger’s Digest is back to chat with us about his label and his numerous compilation projects. Fresh and not always politically correct, we did not expect less from our fellow...


[ITW] The filmmaker Judd Apatow goes back to the story of legendary producer Bob Shad, who was actually his grand father... Time to rediscover a maverick jazz producer and passionate music man.


[ITW] Each month, we are focusing on a record label founded by an active digger. We are stopping with Darrel Sheinman, the owner of Gearbox, who uses the British Library Sound Archive to unearth unknown...


[ITW] the first LP of the South African band BCUC is a kind of afropsychededic mix of deep afro free jazz with energetic electro funk rock, whom sounds more or less like nothing else! Time...


[LABEL] In less than two years, Habibi Funk stood out among the many specialized labels in reissues, publishing some unknown but fabulous pearls. It is time to tell the story of the mind behind all...


Here's a record that sounds like nothing else - a unique cross between Highlife and Afrobeat - the type that will never sleep on your record shelf for too long. Enjoy!

Track of the Day


Je voudrais danser avec toi
By Les Bois Sirop
2017/Born Bad Records/Digger’s Digest
Two years ago, it was a dig of the week. For this summer, this splendid latin boogaloo (70s/Hit Parade) could be a good soundtrack for dance lovers.

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