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Founder and co-owner of Goma-Gringa Discos, Frédéric Thiphagne is also the man behind the blog Les Mains Noires and former Superfly Records collaborator. For us, the DJ and crate digger selects five gems from his huge collection. 


Edmony Krater et Zepiss



« My old friend Fred Martin, my right-hand on the blog, grab this LP a few years ago from Greg de Villanova. Unique laid-back West Indies spiritual jazz fusion. »


José Prates



« When I moved to Brazil in 2011, I couldn’t imagine how vast, rich and beautiful the Brazilian musical patrimony could be! It has been love at first sight! I am, between others, really interested in the Afro-Brazilian rhythms so I chose this track from the extremely beautiful LP “Tam..Tam…Tam!…” recently reissued after Gilles Peterson “buzz”! Truly amazing record but also a huge piece from the twentieth century Afro-Brazilian patrimony! »


Bernard Bassié



« I’m looking for French 50s Mambo and ChaChaCha 7“ since 8 years or something…! This one is one of the absolute best one! So heavy! Hard Mambo at his best! I got it from the hands of Digging-Master Nico Skliris! »


Batalia Bob Junior
Ilha De Luanda



« Recent discovery by my old friend Fred Martin. Super interesting but hard to define Lp by Angolan artist recorded in Paris. Afro, Jazz, Brazilian, Funky and Angolan influenced, that dancefloor friendly track is definitely my favorite from that curious and recommended LP! »


Les Messagers du Mali



« African music has been too important for me during the last years for not selecting at least one track coming from their. This LP hasn’t came with me to Brazil. I grab it back a few weeks before now and I have no words to describe the joy and happiness it gives me! Just sunshine! I just can’t stop playing it, over and over, since a couple of weeks! Oh and so, It’s from Mali and It’s good for your body and soul! »

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